November 6 – 8, 2016, Orlando, Florida



Information Technology, Business, Entrepreneurship, and Computer Science Division Chairs:

Sam Khoury (Division Chair) Athens State University
Marla Rogers (division co-chair) Fastboot Mobile
Samir Talssi (division co-chair) Hassan II University


ITC 401:
Topics in Wireless Technologies
Session Chair: Austin Cheney (Eastern Illinois University)
Time and Place: Monday, November 7, 2016, 8:30—10:15am Cypress 2

Paper #043
A Simple Block Coding Scheme for Peak-to-Average-Power Ratio Reduction in Multi-Carrier Systems
Yoonill Lee, Purdue University—Northwest

Paper #100
Outage Results for Heterodyne Differentially Encoded PSK over FSO Turbulence Channel with Pointing Errors
Omar Hasan, Princess Suamay University for Technology (JORDAN); Akram Abu-Aisheh, University of Hartford

Paper #102
Performance of FSO System over Double Weibull Turbulence with Pointing Error
Omar Hasan, Princess Suamay University for Technology (JORDAN); Salah Al-Deen Almousa, Princess Suamay University for Technology (JORDAN)

Abstract #113
Watching the Internet of Things: The Convergence of Monitoring
Dale Rowe, Brigham Young University; Sarah Cunha, Brigham Young University

Paper #151
Main Factors Influencing Mobile Commerce Adoption
Mohammadjafar Esmaeili, University of Dayton; Ali Eydgahi, Eastern Michigan University

ITC 402:
Topics in Technology and Education Management
Session Chairs:
Emily Crawford (Strayer University)
Bin Chen (Purdue University Northwest)
Time and Place: Monday, November 7, 2016, 10:30—12:30pm Cypress 2

Paper #007
Technology Management: Adapting to A Rapidly Changing World James
McKirahan, Jr., Indiana State University;  Austin Cheney, Eastern Illinois University

Paper #017
Technology Management as a Tool for Learning Outcomes Improvement
Irina Sergeyeva, Finlandia University; Aleksandr Sergeyev, Michigan Technological University

Paper #049
Addressing the Challenges of Preparing Science Teachers to Introduce Engineering to Early Learners in Elementary and Middle Schools
Tatiana Goris, Purdue University; Shirl Donaldson, The University of Texas at Tyler

Abstract #076
A Sandbox Development for Demonstrating BOM Transmission in PLM and ERP Integrated Systems
Zhen Zeng, McGill University; Edie Schmidt, Purdue University

Paper #157
Optimal Resources for a POD Unit
Colby Craig, Purdue University; Eric Dietz, Purdue University; Adam Kirby, Purdue University

ITC 403:
Topics in Cybersecurity and Computer 
Session Chair: Ulan Dakeev (Texas A&M University—Kingsville)
Time and Place: Monday, November 7, 2016, 2:00—3:45pm Cypress 2
Paper #020
Latency and Phase Transitions in Inter-connection Networks with Unlimited Buffers
Lev Levitin, Boston University; Yelena Rykalova, Boston University

Paper #021
Phase Transitions in Interconnection Networks with Finite Buffers
Lev Levitin, Boston University; Yelena Rykalova, Boston University

Paper #040
Employing Link Analysis for the Improvement of Threat Intelligence Regarding Advanced Persistent Threats
Corey Holzer, Purdue University; Eric Dietz, Purdue University; Baijian Yang, Purdue University

Paper #152
Information Security Risks Awareness Programs at K-12: Is This the Right Route?
Idong Mkpong-Ruffin, Faulkner University; Sajid Raza, Walmart Stores, Inc.; Syed Raza, Trenholm State Community College

ITC 404:
Topics in CAD and 3D Printing
Session Chair: Jean Jiang (Purdue University North Central)
Time and Place: Monday, November 7, 2016, 4:00—6:00pm Cypress 2
Abstract #112
How to Heal a Broken Heart: 3D Printing as the Future of Cardiology
Whitney Winders, Brigham Young University; Dale Rowe, Brigham Young University

Abstract #128
Immersive 3D Worlds: Creating Virtual Reality Spaces
Drew Graham, Bemidji State University; Lyle Meulebroeck, Bemidji State University

Abstract #129
Utilization of 3D Printing Technology in a University Classroom Setting
Lyle Meulebroeck, Bemidji State University; Drew Graham, Bemidji State University

Abstract #171
Anatomically Scalable Transfemoral Knee Design
Tyagi Ramakrishnan, University of South Florida; Kyle Reed, University of South Florida

ITC 405:
Topics in Program Accreditation
Session Chair: Eunice Yang (University of Pittsburgh Johnstown)
Time and Place: Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 8:30—10:15am Cypress 2

Paper #086
An Optimal Mapping Framework for ABET Criteria 3 (a-k) Student Outcomes into the Newly Proposed (1-7) Student Outcomes
Rami Haddad, Georgia Southern University; Youakim Kalaani, Georgia Southern University; Adel El Shahat, Georgia Southern University

Paper #119
A Systematic Approach to Pursue ABET Accreditation
Shuju Wu, Central Connecticut State University; Xiaobing Hou, Central Connecticut State University

Paper #120
An Accreditation Assessment Management System
Xiaobing Hou, Central Connecticut State University; Shuju Wu, Central Connecticut State University

Paper #121
Do Certifications Make a Difference with the Recruitment of Graduate Students for Industrial Management Programs?
Mark Miller, The University of Texas at Tyler; Shirl Donaldson, The University of Texas at Tyler

ITC 406:
Topics in Information Technology
Session Chair: Lev Levitin (Boston University)
Time and Place: Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 10:30—12:30pm Cypress 2

Paper #019
Social Media and Its Impact on Quality of Communication Management
Paul Thomas, Purdue University; Kevin Dittman, Purdue University

Paper #054
Writing for Publication
Marilyn Dyrud, Oregon Institute of Technology

Abstract #085
How Does Social Media Marketing Impact Orangeburg County’s Economy through Tourism?
C’Nell Boone, Claflin University; Emily Crawford, Claflin University

Paper #125
Identification and Control of HIV Drug Therapy Using Fuzzy Systems
Samir Talssi, University Hassan II (MOROCCO); Noura Yousfi, University Hassan II (MOROCCO)