November 6 – 8, 2016, Orlando, Florida



Higher Education Division Chairs:

Ali Eydgahi (Division Chair) Eastern Michigan University
Sudershan Jetley (division co-chair) Bowling Green State University
Dale Rowe (division co-chair) Brigham Young University


EDU 301:
Topics in Curriculum Development and Teaching I
Session Chair: Karen Ruggles (DeSales University)
Time and Place: Monday, November 7, 2016, 8:30—10:15am Magnolia A

Paper #014
Live Long and Prosper: A Robotics-Based Recruitment and Retention Program
Terry Marbut, Jacksonville State University; Jess Godbey, Jacksonville State University; Dana Ingalsbe, Jacksonville State University; Kelly Ryan, Robotics Education and Competition Foundation

Paper #044
Lessons Learned in Cross-College Collaborations: An Engineering and Early Childhood Education Design Project
Neil Littell, Ohio University; Sara Hartman, Ohio University

Paper #068
Thermo-Fluid Curriculum for Engineering Technology: Learning Outcomes and Industry Needs
Sean June, Christian Brothers University; Sudhir Kaul, Western Carolina University

Paper #083
Perceptions of the Advanced Manufacturing Competency Model (AMCM) for Curriculum Development
Mark Doggett, Western Kentucky University; Muhammad Jahan, Western Kentucky University

Paper #154
Cost Estimation for Implementation of a BS Program in Mechatronics Engineering Technology
Mauricio Torres, Northern Kentucky University; Morteza Sadat-Hossieny, Northern Kentucky University

EDU 302:
Topics in STEM and PLTW [part 1]
Session Chairs: Li Tan  (Purdue University North Central)
Time and Place: Monday, November 7, 2016, 10:30—12:30pm Magnolia A

Abstract #011
Separating Hardware from Software Approach to Ease Engineering Students’ Work
M. Abdallah, State University of New York

Abstract #071
Enrollment and Graduation Trends in Graduate Engineering Programs
Noureddine Bekhouche, Jacksonville State University

Abstract #104
How SCME’s Plug-and-Play MEMS Technology Programs Have Broadened STEM Curricula Worldwide
Barbara Lopez, Southwest Center for Microsystems Education at the University of New Mexico; Matthias Pleil, Southwest Center for Microsystems Education at the University of New Mexico

Paper #140
STEM Outreach Efforts for Urban Students
Otilia Popescu, Old Dominion University; Vukica Jovanovic, Old Dominion University; Jennifer Michaeli, Old Dominion University; Stacie Ringleb, Old Dominion University;  Alok Verma Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

Paper #141
University-Industry-Navy Collaboration in Development and Delivery of an Additive Manufacturing Short Course to Naval Personnel
Jennifer Michaeli, Old Dominion University; Justin Yates, Francis Marion University; Michael Polanco, Old Dominion University; Gug Sretsy, Applied Systems and Technology Transfer; Jack Scott, Applied Systems and Technology Transfer; Todd Coursey, US Navy Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center

EDU 303:
Topics in STEM and PLTW [part 2]
Session Chair: Faruk Yildiz (Sam Houston State University)
Time and Place: Monday, November 7, 2016, 2:00—3:45pm Magnolia A

Paper #005
Understanding the Physics of Water Rockets Using Wireless Sensors
Eunice Yang, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown; Brian Houston, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Paper #009
Integrating Activities-, Project- and Problem-Based (APPB) Learning into Introductory Undergraduate Electronics Coursework
Vigyan (Vigs) Chandra, Eastern Kentucky University; George Reese, University of Illinois

Paper #012
Professional Development Opportunity for Electrical Engineering Technology Educators in Robotics Automation
Aleksandr Sergeyev, Michigan Tech; Nasser Alaraje, Michigan Tech

Paper #036
Underrepresented Minority Students’ Progression to Graduate School in Technology
Shirl Donaldson, The University of Texas at Tyler; Kathryne Newton, Purdue University

Paper #061
Career and Technical Education and Its Relation to Engineering Technology Pathways in Mechatronics
Vukica Jovanovic, Old Dominion University; Otilia Popescu, Old Dominion University; Ana Djuric, Wayne State University; Petros Katsioloudis, Old Dominion University; Thomas Stout, Tidewater Community College; Roger Lagesse, Granby High School

EDU 304:
Topics in Education—Robotics
Session Chair: Shirl Donaldson (University of Texas at Tyler)
Time and Place: Monday, November 7, 2016, 4:00—6:00pm Magnolia A
Paper #013
Teaching Critical Skills in Robotics Automation: iR-Vision 2D Course in Robotic Vision Systems Development and Implementation
Aleksandr Sergeyev, Michigan Tech; Siddharth Parmar, Michigan Tech; Nasser Alaraje, Michigan Tech

Paper #063
Integrating Cobots in Engineering Technology Education
Ana Djuric, Wayne State University; Vukica Jovanovic, Old Dominion University; Tatiana Goris, Purdue University; Otilia Popescu, Old Dominion University

Paper #101
Investigating Effects of Stereo Baseline Distance on Accuracy of 3D Projection for Industrial Robotic Applications
Wutthigrai Boonsuk, Eastern Illinois University

Abstract #144
Interactive Robot Applications in K-16 Education: A Review of Cases and Challenges
Jin Zhu, University of Northern Iowa

Paper #148
Integrating Open-Source Resources in Robotics Education
Haoyu Wang, Central Connecticut State University; Biao Zhang, ABB Inc,. US Corporate Research; Paul Resetarits, Central Connecticut State University

EDU 305:
Topics in Education—Capstone Courses
Session Chair: Edie Schmidt (Purdue University)
Time and Place: Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 8:30—10:15am Magnolia A

Paper #002
Capstone Design Course: Evaluation of Outcomes and Senior Design Projects
Mohan Devgun, State University of New York College at Buffalo; David Kukulka, State University of New York College at Buffalo

Paper #025
Students’ Reflections in an Engineering Technology Capstone Course: Technical, Team Formation, and Communication Issues, Dealing with Ambiguity
Anne Lucietto, Purdue University; Sergey Dubikovsky, Purdue University

Abstract #041
Incorporating Descriptive Simulation of Integrated Manufacturing Systems to an Engineering Technology Capstone Course
Yuqiu You, Ohio University; Neil Littell, Ohio University

Paper #080
Combining Engineering and Engineering Technology Programs into a Single Capstone Design Sequence
Blake Stringer, Kent State University; Maureen McFarland, Kent State University

Paper #117
New Capstone Design Course Combining Architectural and Engineering Aspects of Building Design
Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl, University of California Berkeley; Gary Black, University of California Berkeley

EDU 306:
Topics in Curriculum Development and Teaching II
Session Chair: Matthias Pleil (University of New Mexico)
Time and Place: Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 10:30—12:30pm Magnolia A

Abstract #024
Cloud-Based Applications in Engineering Drawing Education
Serdar Tumkor, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown;

Paper #056
Effective Integration of Advanced Mobile Technology for Course Delivery in Information Technology Programs
Bilquis Ferdousi, Eastern Michigan University

Paper #072
Design of Voice Control Interface for a Microwave Oven
Suzanne Keilson, Loyola University

Paper #103
Quality for Manufacturing: Integrating a Flipped Classroom Model with a Project-Based Approach
Shirl Donaldson, The University of Texas at Tyler; Paul McPherson, Purdue University

Abstract #136
Teaching Outside the Classroom: Collaboration in Service Learning
Timothy Brockman, Bemidji State University; David Towley, Bemidji State University

EDU 307:
Topics in Education—Simulations
Session Chair: Mikhail Moshkov (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
Time and Place: Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 8:30—10:15am Cypress 4

Paper #057
Real-Time Data Collection and Processing in Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Systems
Jean Jiang, Purdue University Northwest; Li Tan, Purdue University Northwest

Paper #062
Low-Cost Solutions for Wireless Communication Systems for Undergraduate Engineering Technology Students
Otilia Popescu, Old Dominion University; Vukica Jovanovic, Old Dominion University; Ana Djuric, Wayne State University

Paper #132
BioRubeBot: A Multi-Discipline Approach to Capstone Projects in Biology and Computer Science
Adam Lewis, Athens State University; Sara Cline, Athens State University; Leigh Hester, Athens State University

Abstract #147
Integrated Laboratory Testing and FEM-Simulation of Materials in Teaching and Research
Mekonnen Tesfay Tesfu, Baden-Wuerttemberg; Cooperative State University (GERMANY)

Paper #162
Cognitive Training Programs with EEG Headset
Zhipeng Huang, Purdue University Northwest; Yingjie Li, Shanghai University; Wanlin Dong, Purdue University Northwest; Wenxi Li, Purdue University Northwest; Xiaoli Yang, Purdue University Northwest